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 The inspiration for my show 'Sabina and the Moon' comes from a small village in Romania, where my great grandmother Sabina was born. It is a story about a strong and independent woman, about her secrets and her  dreams.

It is a story about a unique tradition...


Today, I had the pleasure of having Julie of "The Style Line" in my studio for a visit. I love having guests in my studio, as it gives me a great perspective and a great opportunity to connect with new people. The best thing about it is being able to share my private w...

I had the amazing opportunity to join the Pattern Observer team as a guest expert for their Textile Design Lab. 

After a studio visit and an interview, I made a tutorial on different painting techniques: How to create and prepare an artwork for printing, Color and Trend...

It is always (such) a big pleasure to see my work printed on a garment. It's sometimes hard to imagine the final result during the design process, before it becomes a final product and a part of a whole collection.There's so many other things to worry about - finding t...

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